Fully Searchable Website Unveiling Fall 2017

As a senior resident of one of the eight westshore area cities, have you ever wished there was an easier way to know what the westshore area senior centers have to offer for you or a family member?

If you are a resident of Avon, Bay Village, Fairview Park, Lakewood, North Olmsted, North Ridgeville, Rocky River, or Westlake, you can attend  events and programming that are offered in any of these eight senior centers!

Obtaining and reading up to eight senior center newsletters, or searching eight different websites to find a “Chair Yoga” class that matches your schedule would be time consuming.

Our upcoming website, westshoreseniors.org, is the solution! Easily search events, programs and information from ALL eight senior centers!

westshoreseniors.org is being designed with the user in mind. Even those new to technology, will find this a premier destination for everyone…seniors, family members, and eldercare professionals. Everyone will learn more about what all of the eight senior centers offer, but in one easy to navigate website!

For example; you will be able to search for general information regarding “Chair Yoga,” or you could conduct a more detailed search such as: Chair Yoga class at Rocky River, Fairview Park and North Olmsted that has class offerings on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. westshoreseniors.org will be the place to get answers!

This vision will become a reality thanks to the generous support of our sponsor, The Community West Foundation, who has a long history of supporting groups and organizations on Cleveland’s West Side.

Please continue to look for further announcements as we get closer to the unveiling!

Westshore Seniors

In the summer of 2015, leaders from eight westshore area senior centers and Center for Aging in the Digital World (local 501(c)(3) nonprofit enabling seniors through technology), brainstormed on innovative ways to use technology as a “tool” to enhance the way information is provided to the senior citizens of Avon, Bay Village, Fairview Park, Lakewood, North Olmsted, North Ridgeville, Rocky River, and Westlake.

These eight senior centers have been collaborating in various ways for more than two decades. Collaboration is our norm, rather than an exception! Westshore seniors have flexibility and options to participate in programs and activities at senior centers in the surrounding communities.

Rather than “fix what ain’t broke,” Carm, Leslie, Regina, Toni, Jackie, Rita, Deb, Lydia (leaders of the eight senior centers) and Tak & Mely (co-founders of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit) embarked on a journey with short- and long-term visions to augment technology tools in order to better service the senior population.

Recently branded as Westshore Seniors, our collaborative is comprised of eight senior centers and one local nonprofit, all members have a similar mission: to help our beloved senior population. We envision this website to ultimately evolve into a “digital world platform” to offer service delivery to more seniors.

Our short-term goal is that westshoreseniors.org will address the need for a medium that can handle the exponential growth of a knowledge-based society. Traditional mediums such as  newsletters limit the amount of information that can be dispersed efficiently. westshoreseniors.org will provide easy-to-use search capabilities that produce customized results by searching the entire catalog of events and programs from the eight senior centers that are always up-to-date.

Our long-term vision, is to welcome newly minted seniors (eg. retiring baby boomers) who might be a little more digitally literate and who expect service delivery options in the digital world. A dual-pronged approach to service offerings in both “real” and “digital” worlds just makes sense. We believe this is a truly innovative idea matching the times we live in- where technology is in every nook-and-cranny of our lives!

Please check back in with us as we build this website. We look forward to serving you!

Lydia Gadd
Westlake Community Services Director

Deborah Huff
Rocky River Senior Center Director

Jackie Chavez-Anderson
North Olmsted Senior Center Administrator

Antoinette Gelsomino
Lakewood Human Services Director

Rita Price
North Ridgeville Senior Center Director

Regina Sillasen
Fairview Park Senior Center Director

Carmelina Barbera
Avon Senior Center Director

Leslie Selig
Bay Village Senior Center Director

Mely Sato
Executive Director
Center for Aging in the Digital World

Tak Sato
Founder (non-voting)
Center for Aging in the Digital World

Center for Aging in the Digital World

Our mission is to “empower seniors to enrich their lives by inspiring them to become digitally literate, a necessary “life skill”, by embracing the use of appropriate technology in their daily lives through education, programs, services, and advocacy.”